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Fundraising for RiVAA’s initiatives and outreach to the alumnus is conducted by the following Batch Coordinators. For m,ore information, feel free to get in touch with the coordinator for your graduating batch (ISC equivalent). If you do not see a contact listed for your batch and wish to be involved as the coordinator for your batch then please get in touch:

Chatura Padaki

Years in RV: 1983 to 1988

Nickname: Chats / Chatu

Fun fact: Twist in my sobriety

Current gig: Independent Content & Communications consultant, based in Bangalore

Aniket Ullal

Years Attended RV: 1984 - 1992 (ISC ’92)

Best Memories: Hiking in the surrounding hills; Representing RVS in tennis matches; Class excursion to Kerala.

Fun Fact: Almost 20 members of my family across 3 generations have studied at Rishi Valley!

Current Gig: Founder, First Bridge Data (financial data and analytics firm)

Bharath Ramesh

Years in RV: 1995 to 2000

Nickname: B'ray

Fun fact: An alternate yogic 

Current gig: Software Solutions Consultant, Based in Toronto

Geetha Vanam

Years in RV: 1985 to 1990

Rejoined RV ( Staff) 1995 to 1998
Was supposed to be a quiet student during my RV school days . Was called as "Vanam " by my batchmates.
Teaching Chemistry and Math at RV was fun .Was a house parent.
Currently am a Substitute associate Teacher  in Ankeny community schools. I choose my days
and job with Special needs kids , a challenge after RV . But love my job

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