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Naresh Bharadwaj

Co-founder & Board Member

Naresh attended Rishi Valley (RV) from 1978-87. While at RV, he was known as Naru or Birdie (Jr.). Naresh developed a love for Photography and Geography while at RV, thanks to Hamid Sir! He enjoyed many lazy afternoons watching cricket matches at RV. Currently, Naresh is an IT Consultant in Milwaukee, WI.  More information

Ramana Mulpury

Co-founder & Board Member

Ramana attended Rishi Valley (RV) from 1981 - 1987. While at RV he loved playing soccer, cricket and leading the field hockey team as the captain. Ramana commonly went by the nickname MY (derived from his initials). His best memory of RV was the time he spent with friends and classmates almost every evening after dinner. Currently, Ramana is an entrepreneur and serves as the Founder and President of OpsDynamics, a leading business applications and systems integrator. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and son. More information

Swami Nathan

Co-founder & Board Member

Swami attended Rishi Valley (RV) from 1981 – 1987 and was nicknamed “Dumukutu” (after the mridangam that he learned). While at RV, he developed an interest for Indian Classical Music, bicycling and hiking. Swami's most enduring memory of RV was trying to get to the “Middle Peak” (between Rishikonda and Bodikonda) but never making it and participating in a drag beauty contest for boys that raised a few eyebrows (back in 1984)! Currently, Swami leads a research group at University of Virginia focused on biomedical diagnostic systems for point of care and resource-poor settings towards personalizing therapies. His vision is for children around the world to have similar opportunities to what we afford for our own kids. More information

Chatura Padaki

New Projects Lead

Chatura was in RV from 1983-1988 (batch of ISC 88). Her most vivid memories of her time there have to do with wide open spaces which probably led to her love for the outdoors. Today - after many years in many corporates - she is an independent communications consultant, working with small companies, start-ups and not for profits, helping them with their content and communications needs. In the last couple of years she was part of a team that worked closely with the REC to digitize RiVER, their unique education methodology. She lives in Bangalore. More information

Arati Nagaraj

Summer Internship Program Lead

Arati was in RV from 1986-1988 (batch of ISC 88). Her most vivid memories are folk dance and hikes . She didn't miss a single folk dance or a hike that was planned. In two years she was able to explore all the hills and valleys around the school. Having been a teacher, curriculum designer and corporate trainer she has now settled into consulting work for schools, nonprofits and edtech companies to enhance the teaching and learning experience for children and adults. For the past 8 years, she has been serving as a School Board member for her local public school in Silicon Valley. Volunteering is in her DNA and she continues to be on non-profit boards, participates in school events and gives back to organizations that are connected to education and the environment. More information

Charitha Isanaka

Alumni Connections Program Lead

Charitha studied at Rishi Valley from 2004 - 2009 (batch of ICSE 09) where she was often referred to as "Cherry". It's hard to pick a favorite memory from school because she fondly remembers class walks post-dinners on Sundays, Telugu classes under the tree, sunsets up Asthachal and cycling around campus on the weekends. A common theme across all is the time she and her friends were able to spend in and with nature, something she struggles to find in her city life. Currently, she is serving a fellowship in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where she is working on a project that aims to increase economic opportunities for 200K women and youth in the city over 5 years. A fun fact about Charitha is that she started learning to cook Indian food only about 2 months ago! More information

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