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  • Arati Nagaraj (ISC ‘88)

Rishi Valley Institute for Educational Resources (RiVER) Wins Award

On November 29th, 2018, Rishi Valley Institute for Educational Resources (RiVER) received the Silver Award for “Arts and Humanities" category at the Reimagine Education conference in San Francisco California. This conference was a 3-day event of educators and entrepreneurs from across the globe to share innovative school models, research methods and cutting-edge edtech products. It was truly an honor for RiVER to be recognized amidst these transformative practices in education. RiVER stood apart because:

  • RiVER model allows teachers to handle classrooms in a creative way - Government curricula are adapted for local context and organized into smaller meaningful modules called RiVER Learning Ladders

  • The Learning ladders are linked to a series of graded fun activities which enable students to learn from things around them and from real life experiences

RiVER MGML pedagogy has impacted over 20 million children across 900,000+ schools where 320,000+ teachers have been trained on this pedagogy, across 16 states in India. Projects in collaboration with RiVER and modeled on its methodology are active in southern Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Germany, Mozambique, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

RiVER is looking for funding of approximately INR 10-12 crores over the next 3 years, to continue the existing Rishi Valley Satellite School Project (7 primary school, 1 residential Upper Primary School as well as for new pedagogical and training initiatives.

This program has been successful due to the sheer determination of Padmanabha Rao & Anumula Rama for the past 25 years and was recently featured in the New York Times.

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