• Siddhartha Menon, Principal, Rishi Valley School

Establishing Play Facilities for Rishi Valley Rural Education Center Satellite Schools

The REC runs a number of satellite schools, primary schools following the Multi Grade Multi Level (MGML) methodology developed by RIVER - Rishi Valley Institute for Educational Resources. These schools cater to children in rural hamlets inhabited primarily by subsistence farmers and herders.

The proposal is to use my run at the Boston Marathon as an occasion to pledge funds to create basic playground facilities in six satellite schools (including swings, seesaws, jungle gyms etc) at an estimated cost of Rs one lakh per satellite school.

Any funds left over would be used to purchase other sports equipment for the children in these schools, including balls, nets, bats and rackets, board games etc. Small sums of money from previous running events have helped build some of these facilities in one school, and this may be a good occasion to do the same for the others.

To donate, go to or and specify 'Pledge for Playgrounds' with your contribution.


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