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Our Mission

Foster an active community of Rishi Valley School alumni and provide goodwill and support for initiatives at Rishi Valley that have a lasting impact.


​Why giving matters

Upliftment of rural health, education and environment requires regular investments. For this purpose RiVAA a 501(c)(3) non profit organization accepts donations. We are also glad to accept your volunteer services and ideas. Please go to the donate and contact pages for more information.

Hoopoe House Fund

Support set-up of the ‘Rishi Valley Centre for Studies in Ecology’ in the memory of Kadambari Badami Vamanan. Learn more

Campus Rainwater Harvesting System

Support water catchment network. Learn more

Rural Health Center

Help to support services for early disease diagnosis, comprehensive eye care, women's health care and the training of community health workers. Learn more

Rural Education Center

Help to support a school free of fear, full of color and filled with joy within a beautiful setting. Learn more

​Recently completed project

Reconstruction of RV Hospital

Amount raised since September, 2016


Amount remitted


Thank you!!

To maximize the impact of your contribution to RiVAA please send electronic checks

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Matching organizations

RV Alumni meet 2017
RV Alumni meet 2017
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